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Free Shipping when you spend $50+
Free Shipping when you spend $50+

Keep your feet warm and dry this winter—our handmade Ultimate Wool Shoe Inserts are perfect for the job! An anti-slip backing is applied to the soles of the inserts so they won’t bunch in your shoes.

Please note: The anti-slip backing contains latex. If you have a latex allergy, do not purchase this product.

What’s in the Kit?

  • Lovingly hand-felted wool rectangle w/ anti-slip latex backing
  • Pattern piece to cut each insert to the perfect size
  • DIY instructions

Benefits of Wool

Wool is not only a renewable resource, it possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties—all while wicking away moisture like nobody's business! It has long been cherished for its warm, and even healing, properties:

  • Luxurious warmth and unequaled durability when properly cared for.
  • Natural fibers create a micro-massage effect, intensifying blood circulation to areas where it’s worn.
  • A truly breathable fabric that allows moisture to escape, so your skin stays dry while locking in that luxurious and therapeutic “dry heat.”
  • Naturally neutralizes toxins that are released through sweat.
  • Studies have indicated that wearing organic wool can help relieve stress.

A Piece of American Heritage

Each Ultimate Wool Shoe Insert is carefully hand-processed every step of the way by Lynn Gillespie and her family, who live and work on their organic farm in the high country of Paonia, CO.

Lynn has been breeding, birthing, shearing, and tending these sheep for most of her life, and she knows each ewe personally by name, as well as the ewe’s parents, grandparents, and so on, back for many generations.

Lynn’s daughter, Jenny, helps with the cleaning and felting.

Lynn’s husband, Tom, grows the fodder for the flock.

As you can imagine, producing wool of this quality, hand-felting, and skillfully crafting each of these shoe inserts is quite labor-intensive.

To keep the quality at its highest, Lynn can only produce so many each year . . .

. . . And she’s usually sold out by the 1st of December.

But, I’ve had the great luck of receiving a small supply of them, and I’m excited to bring this exclusive offer to you!

Remember, each pair of Ultimate Wool Shoe Inserts is:

  • Made of 100% high-altitude, organic, Colorado wool, with absolutely no dyes or chemicals.
  • Easy to care for—simply hand wash with a mild soap.
  • Thoughtfully designed and comfortable to wear.
  • Handcrafted to an unrivaled quality you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Made entirely in the USA, with most food grown directly on the farm.
  • Directly supporting a small, organic family farm.
  • Beautifully unique, just like the ewes themselves!

Disclaimer: Product contains a latex backing. If you have a latex allergy, do not purchase this product.

Please note: Wool Inserts do not provide arch support. 

To wash: Simply hand wash in the sink with mild soap or shampoo. Wring them out, then lay them flat to dry on a towel.