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Free Shipping When you spend $50+
Free Shipping When you spend $50+

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Scientists have linked fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to a variety of health problems. At The Grow Network, we believe that growing your own food is the solution and a cornerstone to a healthy life. Start with something as simple as a tomato growing kit, and soon you’ll be protecting your family, learning essential survival skills, and saving money on your grocery bills.

Why Tomatoes?

The tomato is widely considered to be the Holy Grail of gardening because it’s one of the easiest plants to grow and has tons of essential vitamins and nutrients. There are challenges to growing tomatoes, though, and that’s where your tomato growing kit from The Grow Network comes in.

Whether you’re worried about overwatering, the wrong kind of compost, or the right tomato varieties for your location, we can help! The Tomatoes: From Seeds To Sauce Toolkit is a collaboration from wildcrafting and homesteading experts that can help you grow succulent, red tomatoes for your table.

What’s In the Toolkit?

This tomato growing kit contains the accumulated wisdom of the experts that collaborate with The Grow Network. These are people that Marjory Wildcraft has been working with for years! We’ve collected and bundled together 18 videos to provide you with tried and true information for growing food for yourself. These presentations will provide you the guidance you need to:

Each presentation may range from 38 minutes to over an hour. You will receive both video and audio files for each presentation, plus full PDF transcripts.

Plus, with this special Toolkit, you get to choose your own price!

Yes, you read that correctly!

You can choose how much you think this information is worth to you! I do have to set a minimum - it's not free to bring all this information online to so many after all. However, the $25 minimum is less than my estimated cost to bring this entire Toolkit to you.

And, I know this information will help if you're feeling desperate as your tomato plants wilt away in your backyard, so I'm willing to take a loss.

If you’re in a good spot, please consider "paying it forward" for those less fortunate and help me continue to deliver this caliber of knowledge to all who need it.

Buy now and grow your own tomatoes with our Toolkit in no time! Find out more about us or browse our range of courses.