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Free Shipping when you spend $50+
Free Shipping when you spend $50+

What will you get?

You’ll get 5 plants with intact roots, each approximately 6 inches long. This is the perfect size for potting and putting on a sunny windowsill or a pot in your yard.

Equisetum hyemale:

  • Hardy in Zones 5 thru 10
  • Easy to Grow
  • Full Sun / Part Shade
  • Likes Soil Moist (can withstand up to 5" standing water)
  • Ideal for planting around water features, ponds, or in containers
  • Can Grow to be 2' to 5' tall
  • Propagate in Spring
  • Remove dead or damaged stems

Since we produced the “Alternatives to Dentists” training, the question Nikki (TGN’s happiness director) gets most often has become, “Where can I get some rough horsetail?”

You probably recall that “horsetail” also known as "rough horsetail" is the main herb recommended in the training course. 


Equisetum hyemale is not only beneficial to your dental health but to your body overall. Equisetum hyemale has been known to:

  • Improve dental health (strengthen teeth and gums)
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improve hair growth
  • Heal wounds
  • Improve joints and tendon health 


Equisetum hyemale can be used as a dietary supplement. At any stage of its life, it can be trimmed, dried, powdered, and ingested.

You can add this to water or a smoothie. You can add it to capsules. We just ask that you avoid hot tea as the heat takes from the benefit of the hyemale.

We recommend 1 tsp. per day for 6-10 days (rest for 3 weeks - repeat) for the best results. 

Read more on our FAQ page.

Equisetum hyemale is the Latin name for horsetail.

And we will say from the overwhelming feedback we've received from our Students...Equisetum hyemale lives up to its promise!


With Spring upon us, now is the time to start an equisetum hyemale garden! It is easy to grow and thrives in wet and dry conditions. It also multiplies quickly, allowing you to continue growing horsetail for years to come. 

If you're not already convinced. Here is some beautiful landscape design inspiration!

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