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DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder + Natural Dental Care Starter Kit (A $210 Value)

Do you want an easy, ready to go solution that will help you re-mineralize cavities, tackle gum disease, and support your dental health . . . without the fluoride and other chemicals found in commercial toothpastes?

Do you want your teeth to feel squeaky clean and look their whitest without shelling out a pretty penny doing so?

If you want to reclaim your own power to heal yourself, then you can't afford to miss out on this limited-time offer.

"My Teeth Are The Healthiest They've Ever Been. Let Me Show You How You Too Can Take Charge Of YOUR Dental Health!"

- Marjory Wildcraft

Benefits You'll Receive With This Complete Kit:

I've made it simple to replace your store-bought toothpaste right now with the DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder Kit!

And, I've already done most of the work for you!

You'll receive the 4 main ingredients needed for my recipe - perfectly pre-measured and ready to mix:

  • ​​Natural Bentonite Clay
  • Baking Soda (Aluminum Free)
  • ​100% Pure, Activated Charcoal
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
  • And, I'll include a roomy jar to shake it all up and store it in for daily use.

(Pst... the 2 small jars that the charcoal and soda come in are perfect to re-use for taking your Toothpowder on the go, too!)

Plus, I'm giving you everything in the Natural Dental Health Kit, for FREE:

Alternatives To Dentists - Digital Access
1:20+ Hour In-depth Guide To Natural Dental Care
A $70 Value

Take your natural dental care to the next level and discover Doug's techniques to care for your teeth naturally - Kick toxic toothpastes and damaging floss out of your routine for good! 

Natural Dental Care Starter Kit
The Tools You'll Need For Natural Dental Care
A $40 Value

Natural Dental Care Starter Kit To help you get started using the techniques you'll learn watching "Alternatives To Dentists", I will ​ship you ​​my Natural Dental Care Starter Kit that includes the tools ​you need when you begin using this tooth care system: ​

  • Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper
  • Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal-Infused Bristles ​
  • Professional Dental Mirror ​
  • Hardwood Tooth Picks ​​
  • Convenient Cloth Travel Bag

Alternatives To Dentists: Horsetail
8 Page Companion Booklet
A $15 Value

Learn how to strengthen and rebuild your teeth with one specific, easy to grow herb with this essential bonus booklet. 

7 Questions To Vet Your Dentist
2 Page​ Dentist Visit Checklist
A $15 Value

Don't trust your dental care with just any dentist! This checklist makes it a quick process to find a dentist that understands how your teeth really work.

How To Talk So Your Dentist Will Listen
5 Page Printable Guide
A $15 Value

An exclusive Guide to understanding dental terminology that enables you to make more informed decisions about your dental care.

Practical Ways To Detoxify Your Home
1 Hour In-Depth Video Guide
A $15 Value

Find the hidden toxins lurking in your home (some that may even be affecting your dental health) with this video presentation by Dr. Rob Brown.