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Free Shipping When you spend $50+
Free Shipping When you spend $50+

The DIY Hoop House Project package has complete instructions you need to be able to construct your high quality, 12’x36’ hoop house, for as little as $2k (That's much, much less than any pre-built options you could find for this size and durability).  Plus, the design and skills you learn can easily be used for building any other size.

The package includes:

1.     A  video showing you exactly step by step what to do.  The video can either be streamed or downloaded (.mp4)

2.     The written transcript of the video (.pdf)

3.     An audio-only version of the video (.mp3)

4.     A complete list of parts, prices, quantities, and part numbers.  Includes sources for where to get every part and tool (.pdf)

5.     A complete 3D model (.emsl file) of the hoop house with all parts.  The .emsl file can be viewed with freely available software such as “e-drawings”.  (Note at the end of the video, you are shown how to set up the software and view the files yourself).