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Skip The Unknowns And Start Your Backyard Flock The Right Way . . .

Ensuring eggs, meat, and fun from your flock for years to come!

Did you know that each healthy, egg-laying hen will give you an egg a day?

Do you want to see how easy it is to raise your own chickens for exceptional egg and meat production?

With as few as two hens in your yard, you will have over a dozen eggs a week and no longer a need to run to the grocery store to have healthy breakfasts on hand.

And as few as 12 meat chickens each year could put a real dent in your outside meat needs. Making sure that you're getting the cleanest, tastiest meat year-round while ensuring that your meat was raised deeply healthy and lived very happy lives.

Backyard Chickens 101 gives you everything you need to raise and care for your own healthy, happy, and fun backyard flock.

Here's everything included in this complete guide to get you started right:

Backyard Chickens For Egg Production eCourse
(A $100 Value - Today Only $30!)

In the Backyard Chickens for Egg Production eCourse, join Tasha as she teaches you:

The benefits of raising backyard chickens

How to choose the breed that is right for your homestead

The step-by-step way to raise healthy chicks

How to design and build an efficient coop

Common health concerns in laying-hens to watch out for and how to treat them yourself

    Chickens are great table scrap and garden pest eaters.

    Plus, they turn all they eat into some fantastic compost.

    Keeping laying-hens truly is a win-win opportunity for your homestead!

    Join us for the exciting journey of learning how to raise chickens at home.

    What you'll learn in 8 lessons . . .

    In this 8-lesson course, you will gain the skills necessary to raise and care for your own flock of productive, egg-laying chickens.

    Your instructor, Tasha, will guide you through everything that you need to know, from choosing the breed of chickens best for your homestead, raising your chicks, and ensuring your flock stays healthy and productive (along with a whole lot more in between).

    With this course, you'll soon have a healthy flock and more eggs than you'll know what to do with (but don't worry, your family and friends will love you for the fresh eggs you gift them, too!)

    A Complete Guide To Backyard Chickens for Egg Production

    The Backyard Chickens for Egg Production eCourse is a comprehensive program that allows you ample time to put your new knowledge into practice and complete the assigned homework for each module, even with a busy schedule.

    Each lesson and its related homework should only take about an hour of your time.

    This is a journey of exploration.

    I encourage you to take whatever time you need to practice and master each new concept and work through the lessons.

    Ask as many questions as you wish.

    And, since each video module is pre-recorded, no one will rush you through!

    Move forward only when you're ready – take as little or as much time as you need.

    In every case, you'll have an entertaining and knowledge-filled video at your fingertips.

    And, you'll enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire program, so it's easy to refer back, review the video lessons, and access the included resources anytime you need a quick refresher.

    Plus, you can ask questions in the dedicated eCourse Forum at any time. Get answers back quickly from topic experts and fellow students. (And participate in lively discussions that further cement the learning in your brain.)

    Support Forum

    Chat with other course students, trade tips, and get support. We've set up a community area for everyone enrolled to gather, ask questions, and support each other in this journey.

    Certification And Recognition

    Watch all the video modules and complete the quizzes to earn the eCourse Certificate and be awarded the Backyard Chickens for Egg Production Honor Badge.

    Backyard Chickens For Eggs, Meat, And Fun - Companion eBook
    (A $30 Value - Yours FREE!)

    It’s everything you need to get started!

    Backyard Chickens For Eggs, Meat, And Fin is an in-depth, 154-page companion guide, that breaks down every aspect of raising chickens for meat and eggs.

    With lots of pictures and helpful lists, it provides just enough information to give you confidence, without boring or overwhelming you.

    Highlights of topics covered include:

    Chicken Laws Where You Live

    Are you allowed to keep backyard chickens? How many? Learn who to call, and what to ask, to find out.

    • Why some areas BAN chickens.
    • Local laws say NO to chickens?  How you ​*might* still get away with a few backyard hens.
    • Questions to ask BEFORE you build a coop.
    • What to know before driving chickens across​ state lines.
    • Rules you must follow if you want to sell your eggs.
    First Steps . . . Where To Begin:
    • Advice on where to buy your first chicks.
    • Why beginners probably should NOT start with eggs.  (Or, mature hens!)
    • ​Chicks in the mail?  Why it works (for some).
    • ​How to hatch your own eggs at home.
    • Why you MUST avoid snuggling newly hatched chicks!
    • ​Bedding materials that don’t cause respiratory problems.
    • How to prevent disease before your chicks develop natural immunity.
    • ​How to transition your chicks from brooder to coop -- without accidentally killing them.
    • Tricks for keeping chicks’ food & water clear of manure.
    • The ideal age to purchase meat chickens.
    The Scoop On The Chicken Coop:
    • 6 Chicken Coop Essentials:  What your chicken coop MUST include to meet the needs of your flock.
    • Choosing the PERFECT chicken coop design (for your property + needs).
    • The 3 most common styles of chicken coops.
    • How to give your chickens freedom to roam -- while still protecting them from wily predators.
    • Right-sizing your chicken coop:  how to calculate the space required to house your flock.
    • How many hens the typical urban backyard can support.
    • Why bigger isn’t always better when building a coop.
    • Predator-proof chicken coops -- design tips!
    • Coop designs that make managing poop & smell easier.
    Your Ideal Flock Size: Getting It Right
    • Secrets to calculating the MAXIMUM and MINIMUM chickens your property (and budget) can support.
    • Want enough eggs to feed a family of 4 year-round?  Fill a freezer with meat?  Here’s how you do the math to figure out how many chickens you’ll need.
    • Breeds that give you 3-5 pounds more meat per bird.
    • Calculating feed costs for laying hens vs. meat chickens.
    • The life-cycle of a laying hen and when to expect egg production to decline.
    • The (potential) costs of keeping aging hens.
    • Common “surprises” for which you can budget.
    Feeding & Watering Your Chickens
    • The best way to feed your flock (at least until you’ve got more experience).
    • Deciding how much to feed your flock.
    • 11 dirt-cheap & easy ways to reduce your feed costs!
    • Toxic foods you should AVOID feeding your chickens -- including a few surprises that you’d never suspect would be on the list!
    • Easy-to-set up gravity-fed watering systems (some which incorporate rainwater).
    • Knowing how much water your chickens will need.
    Keeping Your Flock Happy & Healthy
    • 8 signs of healthy birds -- know what to look for!
    • Signs your bird(s) need veterinary care.
    • Bathing your chickens (why it’s sometimes necessary).
    • Egg constipation: how to recognize egg binding before it turns into a serious problem -- and the solution!
    • What to do if your chicken’s rosy red comb turns deep blue . . . or black!​
    • ​Warning:  if one of your flock suddenly drops their feathers OVERNIGHT it may be a sign of *this*.
    • The amount of strong light your chickens need each day for optimal egg production.
    Processing Day:  A Step-By-Step Plan
    • The 3 methods most commonly used to quickly, cleanly, and humanely kill a meat chicken.
    • Stations to set up in advance of the kills, to make processing and clean up easier.
    • Tricks for easily de-feathering the carcass.
    • How to remove the internal organs (a.k.a. evisceration).
    • Chilling, aging, and storing the meat.
    • A common-sense guide to safety and sanitation.

    DIY Automated Chicken Door - Digital Project Guide
    (A $15 Value - Yours FREE!)

    A cheap and creative solution to a common nuisance!

    Rest in bed on those cold mornings and don’t worry about getting up at dawn to let the ladies out . . .

    Or stay out into the evening knowing that they’re safely tucked away . . .

    It’s every chicken keeper's dream!

    This easy-to-follow DIY guide shows you how to create your own off-grid, automatic door for your coop. Using only materials that are easy to find at any surplus or salvage yard, light DIY skills, and a bit of creativity.

    Your hens will love you for it and you’ll enjoy saving $100’s compared to store-bought options!

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    This toolkit reveals all the details you need to know to raise a happy, healthy flock.

    It walks you, step-by-step, through setting up your coop, picking the best breed for your needs, feeding them a healthful diet, plus tips to get the best egg and meat production from your flock, too. 

    So don’t miss out!

    Keeping backyard chickens is fun, rewarding, and can be incredibly beneficial towards your self-sufficient food production. Keeping a backyard flock ensures you and your loved ones always have access to the best tasting and naturally raised meat and eggs.

    And it all starts when you get access to Backyard Chickens 101 today!

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    The purpose of the Grow Network is to stop the destruction of the Earth via Home Grown Food On Every Table. 

    3% of profits from all Grow Network products are donated to the “Earth Recovery Foundation,” a non-profit organization that provides grants to backyard researchers working on issues critical to individual and family-scale sustainability. ​​

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