DIY Toothpowder Kit
DIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder KitDIY Toothpowder Kit

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DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder + Natural Dental Care Starter Kit (A $210 Value)

Do you want an easy, ready to go solution that will help you re-mineralize cavities, tackle gum disease, and support your dental health . . . without the fluoride and other chemicals found in commercial toothpastes? 

Do you want you teeth to feel squeaky clean and look their whitest without shelling out a pretty penny doing so?

If you want to reclaim your own power to heal yourself, then you can't afford to miss out on this limited-time offer.

ONLY $45 For A Very Limited Time

"My Teeth Are The Healthiest They've Ever Been. Let Me Show You How You Too Can Take Charge Of YOUR Dental Health!"- Marjory Wildcraft

I've made it simple to replace your store-bought toothpaste right now with the DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder Kit!

And, I've already done most of the work for you!

You'll receive the 4 main ingredients needed for my recipe - perfectly pre-measured and ready to mix.

  • ​​Natural Bentonite Clay
  • Baking Soda (Aluminum Free)
  • 100% Pure, Activated Charcoal
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
Plus, I'll include a roomy jar to shake it all up and store it in for daily use.

(Pst... the 2 small jars that the charcoal and soda come in are perfect to re-use for taking your Toothpowder on the go, too!)

Plus, I'm giving you everything in the Natural Dental Health Kit, for FREE:

  • Alternatives To Dentists - Digital Access - 1:20+ Hour In-depth Guide To Natural Dental Care
    Take your natural dental care to the next level and discover Doug's techniques to care for your teeth naturally - Kick toxic toothpastes and damaging floss out of your routine for good!
    A $70 Value
    • Natural Dental Care Starter Kit
      To help you get started using the techniques you'll learn watching "Alternatives To Dentists", I will ​ship you ​​my Natural Dental Care Starter Kit that includes the tools ​you need when you begin using this tooth care system:​
      Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper
      Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal-Infused Bristles​
      Professional Dental Mirror
      ​Hardwood Tooth Picks​​
      Convenient Cloth Travel Bag
      A $40 Value
    • Horsetail Companion - 8 Page Companion Booklet
      Learn how to strengthen and rebuild your teeth with one specific, easy to grow herb with this essential bonus booklet.
      A $15 Value
    • 7 Questions To Vet Your Dentist - 2 Page​ Dentist Visit Checklist
      Don't trust your dental care with just any dentist! This checklist makes it a quick process to find a dentist that understands how your teeth really work.
      A $15 Value
    • How To Talk So Your Dentist Will Listen - 5 Page Printable Guide
      An exclusive Guide to understanding dental terminology that enables you to make more informed decisions about your dental care.
      A $15 Value
    • Practical Ways To Detoxify Your Home - ​1 Hour In-Depth Video Guide
      Find the hidden toxins lurking in your home (some that may even be affecting your dental health) with this video presentation by Dr. Rob Brown.
      A $15 Value
"A Practical Solution For Those Without Dental Insurance!"
"Alternatives to Dentists contains practical information that EVERYONE can benefit from. Many of us don’t have dental insurance, or don’t like the options dentists have offered. And we are in dire straits as far as gum and tooth health. Alternatives to dentists offers solutions that have demonstrated results."

- Nicole Telkes, Registered Herbalist, The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine
"No Dentist For Me!"
“About 2 months after attending a weekend workshop with Doug Simons on herbal tooth care, a big chip broke off the back of one of my front teeth. My immediate response was “Oh my God, I need to call the dentist,” but then I heard Doug’s wise voice in my mind say, “Don’t panic, you have time.”

- Kathy Gould, Registered Herbalist, Meas AZ
"Doug Has A Special Gift . . . Don't Miss This!"
"The time Doug has spent in the wilderness gives him a unique perspective you don’t want to miss. Buy Doug’s DVD on “Alternatives to Dentists“ and you won't be disappointed. Doug has a special gift to teach practical applications of how to use the plants with gentle yet powerful results."

- Deb Buck, Boulder, Colorado

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