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​Sugar Is Killing You . . . But you are not ho​​​​peless!
You Can Overcome Sugar Once And For All​
Dear Friend,

I know I am not the first one to tell you how harmful the overabundance of sugar in our diets can be. Sugar is known to cause all kinds of health problems from diabetes, to heart disease, to arthritis.

And, sugar is the reason so many of us struggle with our weight.

Sugar has turned so many of us into junkies, jonesing for our next sugar fix. Our bodies come to depend on sugar rushes to get through the day, and sugar cravings feel more like all powerful compulsions rather than mere hunger pangs.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, conquering sugar isn’t the easiest thing. But it is worth it. Conquering sugar will . . .
  • ​Increase your energy level.

  • ​Help you lose weight more effectively.

  • Live happier and healthier.
And you CAN conquer sugar, as well as enjoy healthier foods. Let us show you how!

The Grow Network's 28 day sugar detox Certification program, Conquering Sugar, will empower you to finally kick your sugar habit.

This Certification provides step by step instructions, support, and all the information you need to wean yourself off of sugar and begin to truely enjoy healthier foods. While this program isn’t easy, if you follow it, it will make removing sugar from your diet manageable. If you follow it, you will discover new foods, recipes, and over the course of the detox you will develop healthier cravings.

And at the end you will feel the difference. You will feel like a new person and you won't even miss the sugary food you once craved.

So take the time you need, research this program, ask us any questions you might have. Then make a promise to yourself, invest in yourself and your health. You deserve it.

What Is The Conquering Sugar Certification?

It is a 28-day Certification Program for people who want to vastly improve their health by eliminating sugar from their diets.

Sugar is the most damaging, toxic, addictive substance we eat, and removing it from your diet will unleash tremendous improvements in your life.

It will . . .
  • ​Activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

  • ​Reduce overall inflammation, including joint inflammation.

  • ​Reprogram your metabolism.
  • ​Reboot your digestive system.
  • ​Get cravings and appetite under control.
  • ​Calm stress reactions in your body.
  • ​Get off the blood sugar roller coaster.
  • ​Stop the afternoon energy crash.
The Certification Program includes proven resources and support to guide you through the process.

The first week gets you emotionally and physically prepared. The second and third weeks are the complete sugar elimination phase. And the forth week helps you to re-integrate and maintain the gains you’ve accomplished.

Is This Certification Right For Me?

This program is perfect for anyone that has tried and failed to eliminate sugar and carbs in their diets. It is perfect for anyone that is committed to improving their health and their diet.

If you are still not sure, ask yourself the following questions.

If you answer “yes” one or more of these questions, you likely have a problem with sugar and can benefit from this program:
  • ​Activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

  • ​Do you get shaky and irritable if you go more than 2-3 hours without eating?
  • ​Do you crave a little something sweet after just about every lunch and dinner?

  • ​Do you find that you need more than one cup of coffee (or other caffeinated beverage) in order to have enough energy all day?

  • ​Are you having trouble losing weight/body-fat?
The Conquering Sugar Program includes three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. At the beginning of the program there is a self assessment quiz for you to determine the level that will bring you the most success.
​​Are You Vegetarian Or Vegan?​​

Yes, the program includes materials and guidelines for how to successfully complete the program if you are on a plant based diet.

​This Certification Is Not For You If:

  • ​You are not committed to living healthier.

  • ​You are not ready to make the sacrifices needed to live healthier.

  • ​You have been instructed by a doctor to avoid low carb or ketogenic type diets.

The Conquering Sugar program includes three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. At the beginning of the program there is a self assessment quiz for you to determine the level that will bring you the most success.

​Success Stories

​What people just like you are saying about Conquering Sugar:

Huge Improvement In Allergies and Hay Fever!

​​​​I was debilitated by my allergies and hay fever, so much so that it was interfering with my ability to hold a job. ​After following this program for 3 weeks, I was astounded to find my chronically blocked sinuses and drippy nose were completely GONE!

Alison - ​Denver, CO
Arthritis Pain GONE!

I've Started Playing The Piano Again!​​​My arthritis pain had robbed me of the joy in my life. My sisters, aunt and mother all had terrible joint pain, too, so I assumed there was nothing I could do about it. ​​Just a few weeks into cutting sugar from my diet, the inflammation in my hands and wrists started to subside. Within a few months, I was able to start playing the piano again!

​Gloria - Waco, TX
I Lost 20 Pounds . . . And My Insomnia Was GONE!

​​​​For over a decade, I had suffered with terrible insomnia. I could barely fall asleep, and when I did, it wasn’t long before I was staring at the ceiling again. I had consulted numerous specialists and doctors, trying to uncover the root cause of my sleeplessness, but to no avail. ​Once I corrected ​my high-sugar diet, I began sleeping deeply through the night! I was also thrilled to drop a full 20 pounds of weight as a side benefit!

​Stephanie - Lansing, MI

Ok​, But What About Cravings?

The Conquering Sugar program includes specific proven techniques for how to get through even the most intense sugar cravings, so you can stay on track with your plans.

It also covers detailed professional recommendations for how to manage, and minimize the temporary symptoms related to physical detoxification from sugar.

Oh, and you will learn strategies for how to handle any nay-sayers in your life (family, friends, etc).

What Does The Certification Include?

​Certification Course

​An 8 module Certification course that provides a step by step plan for overcoming sugar cravings, replacing the sugar in your diet with other yummy foods, and educating you about how you can both eat healthier AND actually enjoy healthier foods.

Module 1:

Introduction & Inspira​​​​tion

Module 2:

Understanding Food Today

Module 3:

The Game Rules

Module 4:

​Physical Preparation

Module 5:

​Emotional Preparation

Module 6:

​Let's DO THIS!

Module 7:

​Beyond The Detox

Module 8 Bonus:

​Your Biochemistry

4 Q&A Webinar Recording

​​Listen in on 4 recorded Q&A ​webinar sessions ​and get your questions answered!

You'll have access to previously recorded webinars, so you can hear the answers to questions that other Conquering Sugar participants have had.​

As part of your Conquering Sugar Certification ​​access, you're also invited to join Marjory during the monthly "Ask Me Anything" podcasts. Where she can personally answer your questions about Conquering Sugar, or any other burning questions you may have.

Recipes And Shopping Lists

4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners (customizable, so you can master the recipes and simplify grocery shopping). Plus, bonus recipes for snacks, beverages, condiments, healing foods, and even desserts!

​Including a grocery list of “staples” for your countertop, fridge and freezer​. The list includes guidance on the “hidden” names of sugar in packaged foods, so you wont get duped again!​

We call these lists The Game Rules – outlining exactly which foods and drinks are to be eliminated, and which are allowed – taking the guesswork out of how to conquer sugar.

A Personal Daily Journal

​You'll ​receive access to a private, online journal​ area. With guided questions that prompt you to take notes and maximize your results.

Support Forum

​Chat with other ​certification members, trade tips, and get support. Tackling a big lifestyle change can feel overwhelming – especially if your friends and family don’t understand (yet). We’ve setup a community area for everyone enrolled to gather, share, ask questions, and support each other in this journey.

Certification And Recognition

​Watch all the video modules, complete the quizzes, ​listen to the webinars, do the program and you’ll earn a Certificate and be awarded the Conquering Sugar Honor Badge.

​​​​​​Plus, there are 7 BONUSES that come with your Conquering Sugar ​Certification!

​(A $200 Value - Yours Free)

When you eliminate sugar from your diet, many of the lifetime conditions that you’ve suffered with, even issues you label as “disease” and “poor health”, can simply disappear.

In as little as a few weeks.

That’s why with your enrollment in the Conquering Sugar certification program today, we’ll be providing you with a series of priceless bonus reports, giving you further support, inspiration, and information about how eliminating sugar from your diet and be a critically important step in combating some of the most prevalent and life-threatening life conditions.

​7 Bonus Re​ports

Bonus Report #1 – Weight Loss The Sugar Secret

Bonus Report #2 – The Unknown Cause of Heart Disease

Bonus Report #3 – Quitting Sugar To Prevent Cancer

Bonus Report #4 – Cool Arthritis and Inflammation By Cutting Sugar

Bonus Report #5 – Ditching Sugar To Avoid Diabetes

Bonus Report #6 – Kicking Sugar To Lift Depression

Bonus Report #7 – How To Control Hunger The Delicious Way!

​How Do I get Started?

Well here is the good news! The complete Conquering Sugar Certification Program is just one of ​many certifications included with your Honors Lab membership.​ And we're adding more every quarter!

​There's More? Yes!

​The Honors Lab ​offers an ever-growing selection of detailed, step by step e-courses that teach you valuable skills. When you successfully complete a certification you will be awarded an Honor Badge in your profile – and you’ll get to print out a certificate to let the world know what you’ve accomplished.

​Plus, on a monthly basis we post up the names of everyone who has completed a certification and ask the entire Grow Network community to celebrate these accomplishments. You deserve it! (Note: if you are a prepper, survivalist, or simply just shy, we can post your accomplishment under a pseudonym of your choice, so you can keep your privacy and OPSEC).
Home Medicine 101:

How to treat the 12 most common ailments with simple home made medicines
Herbal Energetics:

Develop the skills necessary to understand and apply herbal energetics to your herbal formulas. This in-depth course covers herbal energetic language, and what it all really means. Plus, learn how to select herbs by taste to make your herbal formulations more effective.
Backyard Chickens for Egg Production:

Never have to skip breakfast. Plus, have an endless supply of gifts or trade items (everyone can use a dozen fresh eggs).
Instant Master Gardener:

The secret to a green thumb, homemade fertilizers for free, your huge advantages over commercial growers, how to prepare a garden bed without weeding, and how to transplant with confidence
Wildcrafting & Foraging:

Gain the skills necessary to get started in wildcrafting and foraging. Scott Sexton, provides an abundance of knowledge on everything from essential tools, language, and safety, to how to find and identify the most useful plants growing all around you.
Making Herbal Medicine:

Learn to make the 8 medicines all home medicine makers know how to prepare (from poultices to pills to tinctures).
Bio-Intensive Gardening:

Produce vegetables, fruits, and grains with the easiest and most efficient garden system that does not depend on you going to the store to buy stuff.
Conquering Sugar:

Do you have (or worry about) cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? Deal with the fundamental issue and conquer your sugar addiction. Learn how to handle cravings, how to replace the sugar in your diet with other yummy foods, and how you can actually enjoy healthier foods.
Raising Backyard Meat Rabbits:

Hey, they breed like… rabbits. Have an endless supply of clean, healthy, organic meat that is more reliable than hunting, fishing, or grocery stores.
Raising Backyard Meat Ducks:

An in-depth walk through everything that you need to know from choosing the breed, picking the proper location, building enclosures, and harvesting your ducks.
Growing Edible Mushrooms:

From identifying mushrooms to fruiting, harvesting, and storage. You'll gain all the skills necessary to grow mushrooms (in your yard, under the house, in a shed, or out on the back forty).
Saving Quality Seeds:

The ultimate skill for self-reliance. You can even create your own variety tomatoes and name it after your favorite grandchild.

NOTE: All the course materials are downloadable to your home computer for safe keeping. This includes videos, video transcripts, and other resources such as worksheets or recipes as applicable.

Never Stop Growing With New Certifications Added Every Quarter

These are the certifications we have in the pipeline and will be rolling out in 2020 and 2021:
  • Growing Medicinal Cannabis

  • Introduction to Beekeeping

  • Nutrient Dense Soil

  • Growing Medicinal Herbs

  • Weather 101 for Gardeners, Homesteaders, and Outdoorsmen

  • Goats 101

  • Cooking 101

  • Introduction to Sewing

What Is The Difference Between The Free Level Of Membership And The Honors Lab?
What exactly will be delivered to me when I become an Honors Lab member?

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month you'll receive a special "Did You See This?" email from us; We send links to resources available to Honors Lab members only (Certifications, eBooks, etc.) You’ll know it is from the Grow Network’s Honors Lab as the subject line will read “[Lab] Your name, ….”

Here is what mine looks like:

3 Things The Honors Lab Is NOT

We are focused on real solutions and we avoid some topics as they are better served by other organizations.

We are:

Non-Political(actually, most of us think politics is a completely rigged game and at best it’s a form of distracting entertainment. We have folks from every political stripe and we all agree not to waste much time with arguing over that. We do love to laugh at politicians from time to time though). ;)

Non-Dietary (vegan, paleo, south beach, fruitarians, Adkins, Weston-Price, OMAD. . . everyone is welcome here.)

Non-Denominational (almost all of us have a deep spiritual connection, we are open to all, and we come from almost every religion possible Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Muslim, Atheists and everything in between.)

What The Honors Lab Community Has To Say

Sandra Richardson
"I am engrossed by the volumes of rich content that you supply on the Grow Network. I call myself a perpetual student. So, being a member of the Honors Lab, I love all the certifications that you have out there. I am currently trying to work my way through every single one of them! And I love the currency of the information that you post. There’s more of it than I can actually go through. Which I find gratifying because I never get bored with it."
Chris Devinenzi
"A lot of times people just get paralyzed, and they don’t know what to do. They just have so much information, but no knowledge of what to do about it. But you make it simple. And that’s what’s so good about the Honors Lab. You should say “The Grow Network - we make it simple!"
Scott Sexton
"I am a terrible gardener. I love plants but I’m just not good at growing them on purpose. After I took the Instant Master Gardener Course, all of a sudden everything started growing for me. I had so much more success than I had in the past, it was like night and day. Best of all is that the course is part of the Honors Lab Membership and it’s been one of the most valuable things I’ve gained from being a member."
Rose Donovan
"The Grow Network is really a breath of fresh air. The videos and courses give in depth information, but yet they’re easy to understand and follow. There’s a wealth of information here. I love being able to quickly find the resources I need."
Linzi Searcy
"As I become more aware of the situation that our society is in, I feel a growing sense of urgency to learn the skills needed to grow my own food and even make some of my own medicine. I really appreciate the quality of the courses and resources that come with my Honors Lab membership. I feel empowered by what I’m learning, and love how easily accessible you’ve made it for a beginner like me."

Why Is The Cost To Be In The Honors Lab So Low?

I’ve had many professional marketers tell me “Marjory, you could be making a fortune with everything you are offering if you charged more. Each of the 9 certifications are $100 each – for a total of $900. There is more than $1000 of value in just the certifications – plus there is a library full of resources and you are adding more all the time”.

I’ve been advised “people won’t value what you are doing unless you charge them a LOT for it. Marjory, you are so famous, and your time is extremely valuable."

And other very savvy business people have predicted “that low of a price just won’t work. You’ll never get enough people to make it viable. You will be better off charging more and having fewer people. You should be charging at least a minimum of $39.95/mo or you’ll go broke”.

But I am not a professional marketer.

I am a woman who founded The Grow Network with a vision and a dream.

The purpose of The Grow Network is to stop the destruction of the Earth.

Large commercial agriculture is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Those big combines are spraying poisons over miles and miles of landscape. They are growing of GMO crops which are toxic. It is absolutely horrible how commercial meat is raised in CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations).

It makes me sick just thinking about it.

The solution is very simply “home grown food on every table”.

For every hundred or so people growing their own food, we stop a combine. For every thousand or so we cut down the cost of healthcare. For every ten thousand we create a market. And if we get hundreds of thousands we will change the world.

I believe there are enough people who also have this dream. Even if they aren’t ready to “get their hands dirty” and to grow anything themselves, they want to support this community.

I would like to give away everything for FREE. But like any other business, we have costs (uh, let's see – website, video production, graphics, editing, emailing, bookkeeping, customer service, phone lines… Uh yeah, and I have a mortgage as does the rest of the Grow Network team).

I do my absolute best to keep these costs as low as possible (my accountant can’t believe how “lean” we are).

I want to make this accessible to everyone and make this a super easy decision for you.

You make a difference. The medicine you make, the food you grow, the people you inspire by what you learn, the memories you create teaching your kids these valuable skills, and the impact on your family and community.

To join the Honors Lab, be involved in this powerful movement, to become an ambassador for the health of the Earth, to become the most valuable member of your community, is a minuscule investment.

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