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Stay Calm, Become Empowered!

How are you handling all the recent news? Are you feeling worried and anxious? Maybe even fearful?

Imagine instead if you were watching what’s going on with a sense of calm. Confident that your immune system is on top of its game and taking stock of your trusted natural immune-supporting knowledge.

We live in a world of many unknowns, and recent events have stirred up many fears . . .

However, so you too can ensure your wellbeing, I want to share with you the steps that you can take to secure your health and give you the best weapon you can wield during these trying times: peace of mind.

Being prepared and feeling empowered are two of the most impactful ways to set your mind at ease, so I’ve bundled together some of my most valuable resources that will help you do both.

My Immune Support Kit Will Calm Your Worries And Enable You To Take Charge Of Your Family’s Health And Wellbeing – No Matter What's Going On Out There!

When you order your Immune Support Kit today (and maybe an extra or 2 to give to your loved ones who could also use a little peace of mind) I’ll ship you these 3 physical items as quickly as possible:

Home Medicine Summit Fall 2019 USB

38 Expert-Led Presentations Show You How To Be Naturally Healthy - And Set You Free Of Drugstores!

The Home Medicine Summit Fall 2019 was one of our most powerful summits yet!

Included on the USB drive are all 38 inspiring presentations. Plus transcripts and audio files for each.

Every presentation is chock-full of health and confidence-building home medicine knowledge. But, there are 5 specific topics I want to highlight from the Summit lineup that are sure to change the way you handle serious concerns and empower you with effective tools that will enhance your immune system.

Donna Gates - An Anti-Viral Protocol: Natural Control Of Influenza, Herpies, Hepatitis A/B/C, Shingles, And Other Viruses

  • What to do (and NOT do) if an influenza epidemic or pandemic breaks out.
  • Can you ever completely kill a virus in your body? The answer may surprise you.
  • Good viruses? Yes! And you’ll learn how to use them to your benefit.
  • Edo-Phages: The little known, but highly effective natural anti-biotics.

Bevin Clare - Herbal Medicine Kit For International Travelers

  • Learn how to build your herbal travel first aid kit and get tips on how to customize it to your needs and concerns.
  • Get 5 Steps for managing jet lag - Even when there's not a bug going around, you still have to handle other health issues cause by travels.
  • Learn a natural way to prepare your body before a trip.

John Moody - Beyond Elderberry Syrup: Everything You Wanted To Know About Elder But Were Afraid To Ask

  • Beyond Syrup: 5 More powerful uses of elder.
  • Where, when, and how to forage for elderflowers and berries, and how to grow them yourself.
  • How elderberries can even protect you from vampires!

Traci Donat - How To Make Mineral Rich And Immune Building Herbal Vinegars At Home

  • Discover how easy it is to make your own herbal vinegars with common plants that grow abundantly or are available at your local farmer’s market.
  • Learn how vinegar is a supreme way of extracting calcium and minerals from plants to create a super-nutritive condiment.
  • Traci demonstrates exactly how to make your own delicious vinegar, and all the ways they can be used toward bettering your health.

Elena Upton, Ph.D. - Homeopathic First Aid Kit

  • An overview of specific homeopathic remedies for common conditions.
  • Elena shares recipes for homeopathic remedies you need to have on hand.
  • Plus, get Elena’s best sources for homeopathic remedies and kits.


Treating Infections Without Antibiotics

Do you know how to handle common medical emergencies without racing to the hospital?

Honestly, most people don’t.

Yet what if I told you . . .

You don’t always need to rush to your doctor for help? 

What if I told you that in less than 90 minutes, you could easily and effortlessly learn a series of NATURAL treatments?

Home remedies and skills that can be used to soothe and heal almost any injury while preventing and fighting infection (so you won’t need antibiotics or brave crowded hospitals)?

​. . . And what if I told you that these treatments are SO SIMPLE that you’ll be able to easily MASTER, REMEMBER, and APPLY them!

Even during an emergency!

We’re facing the end of modern medicine as we know it.

Knowledge of ancient healing traditions is about to become priceless.

This is why I want you to have this video right away!


DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit

Renowned For Its Protective Actions Against Colds And Flu - This Immune Boosting Powerhouse Is One You Must Have On Hand!

Elderberry is quickly running out of stock in many stores . . . This is your chance to prepare your immune system for incoming attacks!*

Make your own Elderberry Syrup now and discover how safe and effective herbal medicine can be.

Our Kit includes most of what you'll need to make an 8oz recipe, just add local honey and a jar for storing your 1 month supply.

  • 1oz Pre-Measured, Organic Elderberries
  • ​Bottle Label
  • Easy Online Video Instructions

Plus, I'm Giving You Immediate Access To These 3 Digital Resources:

Home Medicine 101 - 8 Module eCourse

Re-Discover Pioneer Medicines ​And Ancient Therapies . . . That Have Been HIDDEN In Plain Sight!

And Become Empowered To Use These Healing Gifts In Your Home. 

That’s the purpose of our wildly popular Home Medicine 101 Certification!

Through the eight in-depth modules, you'll discover how to easily create your own natural healing remedies! Using plants and herbs you can:

  • Grow in your own backyard
  • Grow on your kitchen windowsill
  • Pickup and your local grocer or farmer's market
  • Or, like ancient healers, find in a local meadow

Twelve of the most common first aid and general discomfort scenarios are addressed using all-natural plant and herbal remedies.

Past participants found completing the certification to be an excellent way to get a solid grounding in herbal medicine.

Even those with years of experience are likely to pick up some helpful tips thanks to the depth of information the certification delves in to.

It's Our Most Popular And Empowering Course Ever!


Making Herbal Medicine - 8 Module eCourse

In this 8 week class, you will gain the skills necessary to become your own Medicine Man/Woman!

Dr. Patrick Jones will walk you through everything that you need to know from learning the names of plants to making your own salves and tinctures (along with so much more in between!).

This course contains extensive knowledge that will be vital to building your own in-home medicine kit to treat many common ailments that we face from first aid to treating the flu.

Through the eight in-depth modules, you'll expand your knowledge of how you too can create effective medicines at home and gain the confidence to begin creating them to you specific needs.

Garlic: Your First Home Medicine - 18 Page eBook

From Pantry To Apothecary

What if I told you there’s a miracle drug that kills cancer cells and intestinal parasites, helps prevent and cure common colds and flu, fights heart disease and free radicals—and is probably in your kitchen right now?

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. This “miracle drug” is none other than raw garlic!

Revered in so many different eras and cultures for its healing properties, yet available for pennies at the grocery store, garlic is an antimicrobial powerhouse that makes a great first home medicine.

In this eBook I'll show you how to prepare and use this amazing and common herb to the benefit of a wide range of health concerns.

It's Everything You Need To Set Your Mind At Ease!

I want to make sure that everyone that needs the empowerment this Kit offers right now can easily access it.

So, I’ve pulled some strings in our budget so we can bring this entire Kit to you at an unprecedented discount.

I’m including all of our most valuable natural immune system supporting and home medicine resources.

Added up, it all totals to more than $365 in value . . .

But, because of the urgency of the situation we’re facing, and the dire need to get this information to you as soon as possible, I’m letting you get your Immune Support Kit at only $45!


There is some disagreement among herbalists regarding whether elderberry should be used by a person with an existing viral infection diagnosis. Some recommend it, while others recommend against it. However, based on our research, herbalists seem to agree that using it to boost general immunity while a person is healthy is still a good idea. (Most of our team members are taking elderberry syrup as a general immune booster right now, too.) Therefore, we can recommend taking elderberry syrup as a preventative, and we highly recommend consulting a doctor before continuing to use it if a person is already unwell or has been diagnosed with a serious infection.

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