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Throughout human history, people have used plants and herbs to remedy a variety of health conditions. Some herbs have medicinal active ingredients that can be used to relieve many common ailments. Before you run to the store to buy dried herbs, you should know that all herbs are not created equal. Conventional herbs are loaded with chemicals and toxins which can do more harm than good.

The conditions in which herbs are grown, harvested, and processed affect the potency of their active ingredients. To receive optimal therapeutic benefits when using medicinal herbs, buy beyond-organic herbs that are grown and harvested from their natural habitat. The Grow Network is proud to offer the highest-potency, sustainable herbs you can find anywhere. Buy dried herbs from The Grow Network to make potent natural remedies at home.

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Beyond-Organic Dried Herbs

An “organic” label alone is not enough to ensure that the herb has a high medicinal potency. At The Grow Network, we offer ethically sourced, Biodynamic herbs that are grown in conditions resembling the plant’s natural habitat. Biodynamic environments nurture the plant as if it is growing in the wild, producing more pure and potent medicinal herbs.

Along with biodynamic herbs, we also offer sustainable herbs that are grown and harvested from the wild. Our limited quantity, hand-wildcrafted herbs are harvested by master herbalists from the most pristine natural environments, making these rare plants the best healing ingredients on earth for making home remedies.

When you buy dried herbs from The Grow Network, you will get premium quality herbs that are:

  • 100% pure
  • Kosher certified
  • Hand-wildcrafted, USDA-certified organic, or Biodynamically grown
  • Free of chemical residues

Buy Dried Herbs From The Grow Network

If you want to make your own tinctures, salves, infused oils, or any other home remedies, The Grow Network’s sustainable herbs are the purest and highest quality ingredients you will find for crafting your home remedies. Our wildcrafted and biodynamic herbs have very high potency, helping you make effective remedies to relieve common health conditions naturally. Contact us to learn more about our products or shop for our rare, limited-quantity medicinal herbs while stocks last.