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​At Long Last . . . 

The Most Highly Sought-After Herb For Natural Tooth Care

Get Your 100% Pure Equisetum hyemale Powder While Supplies Last!

Our small supply was hand-wildcrafted by Doug Simons himself!

Carefully harvested from the most pristine of natural habitats, far from any chemical residues or toxins.

You'll receive 1 full ounce—a month's supply if used as Doug recommends.

This is the herb (in an easy-to-take powder form) that is featured and highly recommended in Doug Simons' video, "Alternatives To Dentists."

I've been searching for years for a supply of Equisetum hyemale powder with the quality and purity I can trust.

Most sources are imported and there's no good way to know how the herb was grown or processed . . .

And, if you've watched "Alternatives To Dentists", you've probably been on the same search, too . . .

This is why I am so excited to finally have a very limited quantity of the famous “tooth powder” made of 100% Equisetum hyemale.


Only $40 for a 1 month supply, with FREE shipping included!

Or, Subscribe And Save - Get your Equisetum hyemale Powder delivered automatically each month for 15% off!


To Help You Experience The Power Of This Special Herb, Your Equisetum hyemale Purchase Comes With These FREE BONUSES (a $180 value):

Horsetail Companion ​e-Book
This herb is so important for the health of your teeth, I’ve created a​n eBook that shows you:
  • Where to find it ANYWHERE in North America (and yes, it really grows EVERYWHERE)​;​​​
  • How to identify it;
  • And, how to grow it yourself!
​Learn how to strengthen and dramatically improve the lifetime health of your teeth with this essential bonus​ guide.


Plus, FREE Membership ​in the premier community of people who are making their own medicine, growing their own food, and becoming extraordinarily healthy.



(Please note, we are unable to ship this herb to addresses outside of the US)