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Free Shipping when you spend $50+
Free Shipping when you spend $50+

One-on-One Consultation Call with Marjory Wildcraft

Consultation length

Do you ever wish you could sit down with a seasoned homesteader to help you troubleshoot problems with your garden or livestock? Are you interested in buying land and wondering what to look for (and what to look out for!)? Do you need a helping hand in your journey toward becoming a home-medicine maker?

Above all things, I love sharing my expertise with other people who are passionate about living easy on the Earth in self-sufficient ways.

But with so many thousands in our Community, I simply don’t have time to connect with everyone. 

Our Forums are an amazing place to ask questions and get answers from knowledgeable members of our TGN community. But I know some of you would prefer a more focused conversation

… which is why I’m making you a Black Friday offer I’ve never made before

How does an hour on the phone with me sound, in which you can pick my brain on anything you’d like related to gardening, homesteading, or home medicine? 

Based on your needs, I’ll gladly help you troubleshoot problems, offer tips on designing your homestead or garden, answer questions about home medicine, provide advice on finding that perfect homesteading location …

… or just chat with you about the things we both love!

(For those with only a few questions, I am offering 20-minute conversations, as well!)

As you know, I stay very busy, so I was only able to find the time for 30 one-hour conversations in my schedule. 

If you’re one of the lucky few who manages to secure a one-hour slot, I’ll send you a collectable sterling silver pendant in the shape of The Grow Network’s “G” logo. Valued at $100, it’s an extremely limited-edition piece that’s approximately 9 grams of 92.5% pure silver.

I’m so excited about this opportunity to connect with you, and I look forward to sharing the insights and expertise I’ve gained through more than two decades of research, gardening, homesteading, and home-medicine making