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Free Shipping When you spend $50+
Free Shipping When you spend $50+

If you’ve been trying to grow your own food and plants for the dinner table, home remedies, and herbal supplements, you might have encountered some trouble already. Whether it’s keeping your plants healthy or getting a higher yield, your soil has a lot more to do with successful gardening than you may know.

With the compost kit from The Grow Network, you can learn how to enhance your soil fertility and take actionable steps to increase your yield from every harvest. Check out the best presentations on making compost and building soil, as well as a few freebies you get with our soil fertility kit!

What’s In the Compost Kit?

This compost kit focuses on teaching you how to harness the power of nature for better composting and soil health. Here is a complete list of the videos in this kit:

  • Solving Your Composting Challenges | Amy Landers
  • Compost: The Movie | David the Good
  • Hügelkultur Soil Building | Paul Wheaton
  • Understanding Soil Building | Geoff Lawton
  • 10 Super Foods You Can Grow Yourself | Sayer Ji
  • Optimizing Your Soil Health | Stacey Murphy
  • How To Scythe And Stop Weeding, Watering, And Fertilizing | Justin Rhodes
  • Supercharge Your Soil To Increase Nutritional Density | Tom Bartels
  • Why You Should Eat Dirt | Dr. Josh Axe
  • Mulch Gardening Secrets: The Easy Way To Build Soil And Stop Weeds | Jill Winger
  • 10 Ways To Increase Garden Productivity | Jason Matyas
  • 4 Myths Of Worm Composting | Steven Churchill
  • Biosludge Exposed | Mike Adams
  • 4 Garden Habits For Healthy Soil And Happy Plants | Amy Landers
  • Back To Eden Interview | Paul Gautschi
  • Worm Composting In Trenches For Massive Garden Productivity | Bentley Christi
  • How I Cut My Chicken Feed Bill By 100% | Justin Rhodes
  • Going Beyond Organic To Nutrition Grown | Dr. Jana Bogs
  • Free Chicken Feed: 3 DIY Systems For Growing Insects For Your Girls | Anne Marie "Dash" Miller
  • Beyond Sustainable Composting: A Home-Scale Version To An Unending Supply Of Compost! | Greg Peterson
  • Attracting Pollinators Who Make Your Garden Way, Way More Abundant | Jaqueline Freeman
  • 7 Easy Ways To Feed Your Garden For Free | David the Good
  • Gardening Without Irrigation | Paul Wheaton
  • Worm Composting Demystified | Tara Rae Kent
  • Worm Farming | Ralph Rhoads
  • 7 Powerful Free Fertilizers | James Fry
  • Understanding Roots: How To Make Your Garden Flourish | Robert Kourick
  • Co-Creative Gardening: Partnering With Nature For Amazing Growth | Machaelle Small Wright
  • How To Become A Pro Soil Advocate | Finian Makepeace
  • 6 Laws Of Plant Growth & The Mittleider Method | Jim Kennard
  • 8 Steps To Welcome Rain Into Your Life And Landscape | Brad Lancaster
  • How To Detox Your Garden Soil | Leslie Parsons

Each presentation in the soil fertility kit ranges between 38 minutes and an hour. You will receive both video and audio files for each presentation, plus full PDF transcripts and downloadable options.

Compost Kit Bonuses

In addition to the invaluable composting and soil health advice from the presentations, we’ve also included a few extra booklets and videos as freebies for you:

  • 7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat
  • How Much Land Do You Need To Be Food Self-Reliant
  • Recommended Seed Companies
  • ​Simple & Effective Watering Systems For Small Livestock
  • Seed Saving Guide
  • 6 Ways to Keep Chickens
  • 7 Ways Growing Your Own Food Saves The Planet

Our Dedication to Homesteading

It has taken us years to gather and record these presentations from experts around the nation. Because we think this information is so important, we’re doing something really special with the pricing of this compost kit. You decide what you pay!

The minimum purchase price of our kit is $25, but we want you to decide how much this information is worth to you. Set your own price before adding the soil fertility kit to your cart! We’re also donating 3% off all profits from the entire store to the Earth Recovery Foundation. A portion of the price you set will be going to a non-profit that allows researchers to explore sustainability issues.

Like all our products, the compost kit also comes with a money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, reach out to us within 60 days, and we’ll provide a full refund!