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Free Shipping when you spend $50+

Mushroom Growing Classes

Did you know that shiitake mushrooms are great antioxidants? They’re ultra-high in protein, B vitamins, vitamin D, minerals, and dietary fiber! Unfortunately, mushrooms can be expensive to buy at the grocery store. At The Grow Network, we can teach you how to grow your own mushrooms for food and remedies through our digital eCourse. Become an expert with one of the best mushroom growing classes!

What You Will Learn

Are you excited about a mushroom cultivation course that will allow you to grow this potent vegetable right in your own garden? So are we! In our mushroom growing classes, you can expect to learn:

  • The science behind growing mushrooms
  • How to spawn mushrooms
  • The right substrate for your preferred mushroom varietal
  • The best tools and techniques for your mushroom garden
  • How to inoculate and incubate mushrooms
  • How to fruit, harvest, and store your mushrooms

With a few logs, some everyday household tools, and mushroom spawns, you’ll be on your way to growing mushrooms from home!

An Eight-Lesson Course

The Grow Network always strives to create the best resources for every topic. Our comprehensive certification for mushrooms offers you an eight-lesson mushroom cultivation course to cover every element of care and maintenance for a mushroom garden. We even discuss what role mushrooms may play in your health and how they could be useful for home remedies and better wellness.

If you have any questions about this course, reach out to our team at any time!