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Free Shipping when you spend $50+

Raising Your Own Chickens

Did you know that each healthy, egg-laying hen will give you an egg a day? Do you want to see how easy it is to raise your own chickens for exceptional egg and meat production? With as few as two hens in your yard, you can get over a dozen eggs a week! Raising chickens can also provide much of your meat and protein needs. If this sounds like something that will work for your homestead, check out our Backyard Chickens 101 bundle!

Included With the Bundle

Backyard Chickens 101 provides you with everything you need to raise and care for your own backyard flock, including:

These materials will cover everything from the benefits of raising your own chickens and choosing the right breed for your homestead to designing and building an efficient coop. Learn about feeding and watering, the ideal flock size for your space, and so much more!

Collaborate with Us

The Grow Network is here to provide you with the resources you need to live a healthy, happy life without relying on industries that don’t have your best interests at heart. When you use our resources, you’ll discover how fulfilling it is to provide for yourself. In addition to teaching you about keeping chickens, you can also trust The Grow Network with learning about creating home remedies, growing your own food, and living sustainably.

Start with Backyard Chickens 101 and expand your homestead to encompass all of your daily needs!